| Startups

Our OLStartups Support programme is a unique resource providing initial free legal consultation to startups and early stage companies (including university ‘spin-outs’ and scaleups). We offer a full range of legal services to startup and scaling companies across a wide range of business sectors, tailored to the needs of the clients at specific stages in the growth of the venture.

Furthermore, we offer fee arrangements that accommodate the startups’ cash flow challenges. This is achieved by offering fixed fee packages wherever possible that enable founders to control legal costs and remove ambiguity. We may in certain circumstances agree a deferred payment model which can provide startups with access to legal services when they may not have the capital to afford these services.

Our firm advises entrepreneurs, startups and early stage businesses on a broad range of legal matters, including:

  • The appropriate business structure and drafting shareholder agreements;
  • Legal advice regarding private equity, venture capital and angel fundraising;
  • Tax advice and support;
  • Intellectual property issues, including protection and exploitation of IP in Cyprus and the EU;
  • Technology and information system projects, e-commerce and risk management;
  • Privacy and data protection, including GDPR compliance;
  • All aspects of contract formation and contract management;
  • Employment and service contracts for executive directors, non-executive directors and employees;
  • The provision of standard employment policies and advice on employee benefit packages, including social insurance, pensions, incentives, minimum wage, leave entitlements, part time and flexible working;
  • Business immigration compliance, licence and visa applications and renewals;
  • The grant of leases and sub-leases of commercial property.

Legal support for startups requires bold and innovative way of thinking combined with experience and skills at identifying legal risks in the context of innovative ventures. Our firm can anticipate problems and provide commercial and value added legal advice. A good start is half job done.

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