| Corporate & Company Law

Our firm offers a wide range of corporate services and advice to both start up and well-established companies. Our team is equipped to handle various corporate issues which arise in the course of the development of a company. The services offered include, inter alia, the following:

  • Formation, acquisition, sale, dissolution and liquidation of companies in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Redomicilation of companies in and out of Cyprus;
  • Advising on shareholders issues including amongst others the drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreements;
  • Advising on corporate governance matters;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Drafting of legal opinions;
  • Inter-company agreements;
  • Capital-raising transactions.

Our affiliate company, Orkola Services Limited, offers a full range of fiduciary services, including, inter alia, the following:

  • The incorporation and administration of companies;
  • Opening of bank accounts;
  • Offering escrow services;
  • Provision of professional directors;
  • Provision of nominee shareholders;
  • Provision of secretary;
  • Provision of registered office;
  • Office space to establish physical presence in Cyprus.

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